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Hoppe Industries 4 speaker Fairing with AM/FM, CD, Satellite, iPod stereo

Cobra Light Bar, Oval Lower Spot/Driving Lights
Look down under the crash bars.

Super Trunk II


Numerous LED lights for showing off the chrome at night as well as Stop, Tail and Turn and Interior trunk lighting.

Highway Pegs

CrashBar/Highway Bar Chaps (Greatest $$ I ever spent to beat the cold and wet weather).

Avon Cobra tires have proven to be Superior to any other that I have used across the board. They have proven to be excellent in mileage, durability, handling (all weather) and in any other area that one might care to compare. The BEST tires I have ever run in virtually any environment or conditions. Second I would choose the Metzler 880 tires front and back.

Strebel 139 db AirHorn

It should be noted that it is VERY IMPORTANT that the horn be mounted as close to the radiator as possible otherwise it may strike the front fender with normal travel of the suspension system.

The Garmin Zumo 550 GPS and the Black and Decker DC/AC Invertor. (just enough to charge my video or still shot cameras that mount on the RAM Mounts on the left and right.

The Cat-Eye 3-in-1 Driving/Fog/Running Light With the super bright LED Drive/Running Light mounted below that.

Heated Grips by Aerostich

Aftermarket Trailer Hitch

My Trailer
(built by Motorvation)

A bit on the expensive side, but it was well worth it. Attention to detail on the part of the manufacturer is outstanding. It is truly a great trailer. It has performed excellently under all circumstances. Definitely recommend these folks if you are looking for a great trailer for your bike. I would do this again in a second.

Lots more info to follow.








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Wednesday, June 18, 2014 22:08



Modifications Critiques

Hoppe Industries Quadzilla Fairing This is a great fairing. I have had for several years now and it is great. Real fiberglass and the stereo works quite well too.

Scootworks SuperTrunk II This is a great trunk. I bought the top rack too and have been quite pleased. I would recommend assuring that the hinge pins are checked regularly as I did loose one for unknown reasons because an "E" clip came off and I did not notice it. I have also had some occasional issues with the lock/latching assemblies over time and have had to replace them on three seperate occassions. It is not a bad issue so have not yet looked into different lock/latch mechanisms.

Cobra Lightbar This has been a nice lightbar and I am please that I bought it.

Boogey Lights This is one of several LED lights systems that I have on the bike and traier. All work well and have not had any issues with any of them. Which you would choose depends on your personal preference as there are many different styles out there as well as grossly different price ranges.

Custom Dynamics Lights

RiderWearhouse Heated Grips These worked very well until I changed out my out my grips with the Kuryakyn grips at which time I installed a different type and style of heated grips that actually install inside the handle bar as apposed to the outside and under the grips. As I now use the heated gloves, I rarely ever use the grip heater.

SageBrush Engine Guard Chaps These are without a doubt the single best addition that I have put on my bike. As I am a 365 day a year rider, this simple addition has been phenominal with respect to keeping my feet and lower legs dry and warm in all environments.



These are nice and work well but the mounting bracket leaves a bit to be desired.
Kuryakyn LED Battery Gage

This is a great little gadget to have and works quite nicely.

I have had one issue that required my needing to replace the shunt which fractured due to vibration. At $60 a pop, I am hoping that this doesn't happen too often. I like all of the functions available with this gadget. With the press of a button, you get voltage, amperage, temperature in F° and C°. It is nice to have especially when you have as many electricity consuming add-ons as I do. With a max alternator output of 42 amps, I want to be sure I don't overload the system and of course I just like to know what all the different systems on my bike are performing at anyway. Part of the mechanic in me I guess. On a related note Kisan has been nothing short of "AWESOME" when I came to them with a problem or question. I would very highly recommend them and their products.

Cardo Scala Team Set

I have purchased and used several comms systems over the years. When Cardo came out with the above noted TEAM Set, I purchased that as I was not very satisfied with the other systems, the last of which was the IntraRide System. I have found the Cardo system to be superior in all environments. It interfaces very well with my Blackberry and my Zumo 550 GPS. This is a strong buy recommendation. I have yet to come across anything that beats this system.


Strebel 11135 Air Horn

I am quite pleased with this item. It works very well and does a great job of commanding attention of even the worst high school girl buzy texting or yacking on the cell phone while driving.


Some of the less visible modifications include 4-way falshers using the second option (also known as Ray's Way) shown on Gadgets Fix-it page. They work very nicely and I opted to wire them so that they can function with a flip of the switch regardless of key position.

I have also added the spinning flasher Stop and tail light bulb available at LED SPINNER.


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